Customers using delivery platforms to take orders has become part of the trend, have you ever had the trouble of anticipating too many orders and not being able to manage them properly during peak hours?

With Seito Order Management System, your delivery orders will send to your POS directly with notifications. You can easily consolidate and manage all orders of your restaurant and delivery platforms at Seito POS. No more extra devices and applications, and no need to re-enter orders to eliminate order mistakes.


Receive Orders to POS in Real Time 
- POS receives online orders from third-party delivery platforms automatically in real-time, staff is not required to re-enter orders to POS and eliminates human errors and improved the accounting workflow

Easy to Handle Your Orders 
- Accept, reject and check your order status through the POS. Orders will be directly sent to your kitchen printers or kitchen management system

Save Money and Extra Hardware 
- No more extra devices of those delivery platforms. Save money on maintenance and working space


No Need to Worry About Missing Orders 
- Notify every delivery order at your POS instantly

Delivery Order Performance Analytics 
- Clear and accurate reports to help management understanding the sales performance of online delivery orders

Able to Integrate with 3rd Party Online Delivery Platforms 
- Able to provide a complete delivery order management solution through the integration with industry leading online delivery platforms, such as foodpanda, Deliveroo & Meituan

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