Kitchen Management System (KMS) is a complete and integrated solution that can help you improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your kitchen.

Kitchen staff can view and manage customer orders at a glance by touching the monitor display. Depending on the size of your kitchen, multiple monitors can be installed with each only displaying items that are prepared on that line. A separate pantry monitor could be installed for the overall order monitoring and consolidation, and confirm the meal delivery.

Easily Manage Order Status   
Easily manage order status, printing chits, prioritizing order, delay order etc.

Save Costs   
Reduces the use of kitchen printers, saving the cost of consumables such as paper and ribbons

Eliminate Paper Tickets   
Reduces messy kitchen tickets and helps to streamline communications and efficiency in both frontline and kitchen

Kitchen Management System
Kitchen Management System

Reduce Missing Orders   
Minimizes order preparation errors and missing orders, improves food delivery efficiency

Measure and Improve Cook Timing   
Different colors and flashing tips to alert staff of order preparation time due

Configurable Takeaway Order Display   
Takeaway orders can be displayed by configurable time to control the food serving workflows and guarantee the best food quality

Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration

- Effectively alert customers when their orders are done

- Audible and visual alerts

- Able to display promotional graphics or videos

- Displays orders that are being prepared and those ready for collection

- Supports operating with Kitchen Management System

- Suitable for quick service operations

Optimize Order Collection with Call & Collect System Integration
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