• Điện Thoại Quét Mã Gọi Món: Nâng Cao Trải Nghiệm Dịch Vụ Của Khách Hàng
    Online Ordering System

    Providing Solution to Restaurants & Customers in Making, Managing & Controlling Food Orders

  • 世通餐饮及零售管理方案
    About SEITO

    SEITO, Your Quality Solutions Provider For Hospitality And Retail Stores

  • Hệ Thống Quản Lý Nhà Bếp, Tích Hợp Chính Xác Thông Tin Gọi Món
    Kitchen Management System

    Organize & Fulfill Your Kitchen Orders Accurately

Food & Beverage Total Solutions with Seito POS System

What can we do for your F&B business? Let's check it out with Seito POS

Fully-Integrated POS System

SEITO’s powerful total solutions for F&B provide an invaluable tool for managing your business while easing the pressure your frontline staff face.

SEITO Food & Beverage Management System (POS) is our pioneer product, tailor-made for foodservice industry. With years of marketing research and development effort, Seito F&B solution is now a sophisticated solution that meets the needs of the industry and is well-received in the marketplace.

SEITO POS F&B Solutions

Discovering The Benefits

Flexible Operation Modes

Flexible Operation Modes

Flexible and professional design makes Seito the ideal POS solution for all kinds of food service operation including fine dining, casual dining and quick service restaurants.

Centralized Food Menu & Data Management

Centralized Food Menu & Data Management

Food menu handling can now centralized at head office. Sales data of the branches will be transmitted to the head office every day so that head office staff can collect analysis reports at their fingertips.

Centralized Food Menu & Data Management

Enhances Operational Control

Various types of reports provide powerful tools for detailed analysis on sales, staff and restaurant performance. As a result, management is able to plan operational improvement effectively.

Centralized Food Menu & Data Management

Powerful Integration with 3rd Party Service Providers

From mobile CRM, ERP system and digital payments, our flexible API helps to adopt different technologies from 3rd party service providers, offers the tools you need and features you desire to run the business you want.

End to end Services & Support

We are committed to a long-term partnership with our customers, providing all aspects of system planning, installation, training, and on-going maintenance services.

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